Building a Knowledge Base for Expert System in Computer and Information Security


  • Vishal Srivastava Department of Computer Engineering.
  • Rehan Farooque Department of Computer Engineering


expert systems, information security, Computer Security, knowledge base


In the days of technological advancement, a role of computer and its information security (IS) is very important. There is an urgent need in implementing and assessing information security at a good level. However, it is accompanied with very high costs: experts in IS are quite expensive specialists. An automation of some security implementation and evaluation tasks can reduce these costs and potentially increase the quality of IS strategies being developed and IS audit quality. We believe that expert systems approach can be beneficial in achieving this automation. Though information security is a very broad field, encompassing many complex concepts, we are trying to develop a methodology of formalizing of IS knowledge to build a knowledge base for expert system that can serve as IS audit expert. In this paper we discuss methods for knowledge base building.


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